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Hommage à H.R.Giger @ Toni Areal "Eventzone" (15.March 2003)

The flyer for the Hommage à H.R.Giger event consists of 10 diffrent Giger pieces, merged together in a vibrant collage, creating a new order, but still preserving the essentils that make a Giger paining a real authentic.

For more info on the event: Hommage à H.R.Giger info page


Schattenmeer Project @ Kulturfabrik Wetzikon (27. October 2001)

The second edition of our festival, in autumn of 2001, to equal the balance to Schattenrauschen that was in Winter of 2001.The decoration concept was based on dia projcections to create a "shadow ocean". I desinged a collage with Ernst Haekel's drawings, which I called Project: Haekelmeer. The microscopic drawings, Ernst Haekel drew early this century, have always been a great inspiration for my art. More about Haekelmeer under: multimedia:animations

Schattenrauschen flier front
Schattenrauschen flier back

Schattenrauschen @ Kulturfabrik Wetzikon (20 January 2001)

Electronic Music Festivals in the Kulturfabrik on two floors. Up to 3000 people came! Schattenrauschen was the first of two floor festival we organized in the Kulturfabrik. The decoration concept was to create a world through the per- spektive of H.R. Giger. The concept for the flyer design was to create a collage with 10 different Giger paintings that plays with the same mirror perspektive the master himself likes so much.

The Flier was such a sucssess that H.R.Giger called me, to find out who I was, and invited me to work for him. That was my first cotact with Hans Ruedi Giger. I must say it is quite a privilege to get a phonecall from the famous artist, whose paintings I used to create a collage for a flyer.

Schattenrauschen flier front
Schattenrauschen flier back
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