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Websites I worked on during my apprenticeship at update AG:


The Websites:

  My contribution to the website:   Updating Content with a CMS, Animated GIF Banners.  

Flash intro realization, active in the redesign of the site 01/02.   Mostly Graphics, Shop products, Page titles,active in the redesign of site 2002.   Postcard design, animated GIF banners and icon design.   Flash anniversary movie.   Graphics and navigation redesign.   Graphics and content update.   Postcard design and animated GIF banners.


MP3 Radio Streams :

Secret-Sound-Service   Indispensable sounds, Dub-Lounge-Ambient-Jazz-Trip
Acid Radio Networks   presents: Sex_on_tap 24/7 commercial free downtempo acid jazz lowfi
Dub Beautiful Collective   Bringing elitism to the masses - worldwide-Live ambient, downtempo, and IDM
Soma FM   The Best listener-supported, commercial-free, underground/alternative radio!
Beat Blender   A late night blend of deep-house, downtempo and fuzed jazz.
Drone Zone   Safe wth most medications. Droning atmospheric textures with minimal beats.
Groove Salad   A tasty plate of ambient beats and grooves. Takes the edge off work.
Dream Factory   Finest Ambient Trance -
Epiphany Corp   “the enlightenment of groove: smooth, ambient, trippy, jazzy, chill ...”
Tabla   Indian classical + downtempo electronica + ambient drum and bass
Buzzoutroom   The Buzzoutroom: Radio you can Buzzout to...
Jazzmusiqe   Smooth & Stylish Downtempo from NETMUSIQUE

Websites that make me think :   Computer graphics news and forums.   This women is sooo cool! She is a great inspiration for me.   Adobe product training at its best.   Try to solve some of these mathproblems!   The visual search engine, different then the rest.   The best source for funny flashmovies!
  Starting with aleph   Learn Hebrew with a great Flash Site!   The home of every real digital artist.
VFX Pro   News and articles of the visual effects society.

Websites that make life easier :   An exellent german based IT newspaper, updated daily.   Dreamweaver extentions and more.   The ultimate source for flash innovations!   A good selection of freeware programs.   Want to get around Zürich without a bike?   Openair and indoor partydates in Switzerland.   Hompage of the creators of Reason and Re-Birth.   Professur für Bildnerisches Gestalten, Prof. Peter Jenny. (Gestaltungsschule)   The best referrencepage for actionscript on the web!   The transportation that brings me around Switzerland.   The weather, a daily topic.   Looking for a movie? In this database you will find it!   Just good to know who the best out there are.

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